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Viseu is a city that is just the right size to be comfortably explored.

Viseu is a city of contrasts, featuring history and memory along with modernity and greenery - a perfect balance for those seeking quality of life.

Begin in Rossio, a broad square in the centre of the city with imposing linden trees and a tile panel. Head up towards the historic centre through the gateways in the medieval city walls, either the Porta do Soar or the Arco dos Melos.

Continue to the Se churchyard, one of the most beautiful squares in Portugal with its surrounding architectural beauty.

Make sure you visit the upper Cathedral cloister and its Museum of Religious Art, displaying the Se's collection.

Another imposing granite building is now the Grão Vasco Museum, where there is an exceptional collection covering the history of Portuguese painting.

In front of the Cathedral, the elegant, white 18th century Rocaille façade of the Church of Misericórdia provides a touch of lightness to the otherwise granite solemnity of the churchyard.Walking the surrounding streets and squares reveals some impressive residences including the House of Miradouro, with its magnificent twinned Manueline window, painted façades and the imposing statue of king Duarte in the square named after him.

On one crossroads stands a fifteenth century residence with symbols revealing its past as the first Jewish synagogue in Viseu. If you are here, then you are also right by the House of Viscondessa de Treixedo built during the 16th to 18th centuries.

Finish your stroll at the well-known Rua Direita and let the medieval ambience take you back even while the shop displays remind you of very much more current interests.



The Alcafache Thermal Spa stays near to Dão River. The place is relaxing and surrounding by the nature typical from this region.

Working from 1962 This Thermal Spa is growing up offering always a best quality and a huge comfort for all the kind of guests.

The treatments are very good and the prices are accessible.Far from the pollution and stress of the cities in a 100% natural place this Alcafache its the Thermal jewellery of Viseu.

But Alcafache Spa has to entertainment from typical groups to jazz, pop...

The Alcafahe Thermal Spa stays at 8 Km from the Beautifully City of Viseu.

The roads are very good, IP5 road or IP3 this are the fastest accesses.